1. What is MaxDoubler? 

MaxDoubler is a powerful investment program that provides high yields return in a short period of time. Using our proven effective cryptocurrency trading techniques using pump and dump technique we are able to covert our profits 4x - 5x profits in just a short term period.


1. Do you accept members worldwide?

Yes, our investment platform are open to all people globally.

2. How can i signup?

Registration is 100% free and the process will take 2-5 minutes of your time. Click on the registration button on top of our website to being registration process.

3. Can i have more than 1 account in the same household?

Due to the nature of our referral program, multiple accounts are not allowed.

4. I forgot my password, what can i do?

Relax, Go to login page and click on the forgot your password link and follow the procedure provided.

5. Is my personal info required?

For your own security, we encourage everyone to provide real information when signing up, this will help us as an additional verification when you lost your account access.


1. What payment processor do you accept?

We only accept investment/deposit using bitcoins.

2. What is the minimum deposit?

You can fund your account for as low as 0.001 BTC

3. What is the minimum Withdrawal?

You can withdraw from your account balance when you have an accumulated 0.001 worth of BTC on your balance.

4. What is the withdrawal Time frame?

All withdrawal are processed Instantly.

5. My Deposit is missing, what should i do?

Contact our support group,  our team are to accept support request 24/7 and available via live chat and Support ticket System.


1. Do you offer referral program?

Yes, We offer attractive compensations for all promoters, team managers, and sole marketeer, everyone can earn 10% from all your direct referrals deposit.

2. My question is not answered here, what should i do?

Contact our support group and we will be happy to assist you.